Make your 3D printer profitable

Why not give it a try? 3DonD directly connects you with people that need to print in 3 dimensions.

Add your printer or printers to receive printing demands that you will be able to monetize.

All transactions are handled by 3DonD to ensure payment security.

Some printers already available

Projet 4500
UP! Mini
projet 5000
projet 660
Original Plus
CubeX Trio
rostock max v2
Ultimaker 2
Metal Plus
ProJet 1000
Replicator 2X
Prusa i3 Hephestos
Replicator Z18
Prusa i3
Ultimaker 2 Extended
Projet 1500
Replicator Mini
Go V2
Prusa i3 3D Phoenix Edition
Discovery 200
Objet30 orthodesk
Form 1+
Projet 1200
Creator 2 Single
Easy 3D
Visions 3D
Flashforge Creator Pro
Replicator 2
ProJet 660 PRO
ProJet MJP 2500 Plus
Simple Metal
Projet 3500 HD
Zcorp 650
UP Plus 2
Creator Dual
Prusa i3 A8
CubeX Duo
Profi 3D